What to Expect

Can everyone be helped?

The answer is YES,
But only if they wish to

Those who do not wish to be helped cannot be helped.
Sound simple … and sad.

No one can promise you that it would be easy journey or that you will recover 100% but: if you wish to be helped we can certainly help you to improve and reach your optimum at every stage.

What makes us unhappy and unhealty?
What can we do then?

We, humans, are a nation of contradictions: we sometime want to prove that we are strong by desperately pushing to prove that we are not wrong. And what we do: we try to prove “we are right” by avoiding to accept that we are not. What happen then? We become stuck in a corner with no exit… no view. Bad place to be. I understand. There is no air or perspective there and we become exhausted from pushing in that direction of “wall with no doors to move forward through”.

What can help is: STOP, step back and OBSERVE, look what is happening NOW and NOTICE present people, present behaviours , present positive details and LIVE in this moment NOW. Sounds so simple to say – but it seems not to be so simple to do so. Accept that strength is to be aware of reality thus: if we are not right it is strength to accept it, say so and grow even stronger by learning. Walking forward does involve leaving the place where we are now. Walking forward also involves entering in the “new now”.

We people are (all of us!) at some point of our life, behaving like “what-if-ers” and “yes-but-ers”. We sure are. Worry is originally a healthy skill. It certainly involves analytical thinking and attention to detail. It keeps us safe and alive. If we would never worry, we would run like headless chooks and be exposed to many risks. Worry, however, needs to be consistent with the context of our reality.

When focused on anticipated failure or any catastrophe, we people tend to live in that anticipated negative future by drawing on hurtful past experiences. One thing we do not do then is: live in the present moment: live in “here & now”.

Everything is a subject to change. Improvement is a change. Growth is a change. Changing our opinion by basing it on new quality learning is a change through growth, improvement and progress. It can be exciting! It is certainly beneficial for us people.

Change does not mean that we need to delete who we are but: we just need to build on all good that we are and grow. We learn to build safe environment that would allow us to be who we are. Be safe. Love. Be loved. Be appreciated. Succeed …

All this involves change. Desired change is good when it is a part of growth and positive dynamic of improvement.

Change is a good journey and Psychotherapy aims to help guiding you through the journey of desired positive change.

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