Panic Attacks

Most people experience moments of panic or periods of anxiety, particularly in response to distressing events or situations.

Sudden feelings of overwhelming panic and fear are often referred to as a panic attack and whilst these feelings are a common reaction to stressful situations, frequent and unexpected panic attacks could be a sign of panic disorder.

If symptoms of panic are affecting your day-to-day life, a psychologist may be able to help. Psychologists are highly trained and qualified professionals, skilled in diagnosing and treating a range of mental health concerns, including panic disorder. A psychologist can help you to identify and manage the factors that contribute to your anxiety.

Please contact us today to see how we can help support you with your Panic Attacks.

If you would like to read up further on grief, please do visit: www.psychology.org.au/for-the-public/Psychology-topics/Panic-disorder

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