Dr Merima Isakovic

Dr Merima Isakovic ( Director)
Dr Merima Isakovic (Director)
PhD in Psychology, PgDipClinPsyc MA level
BAHons With First Class Honors in Psychology
Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist & AHPRA Approved Primary Supervisor


Dr Merima Isakovic (Director)Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist & AHPRA Approved Primary Supervisor.

Dr Merima Isakovic is the Principal Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist at AAG Clinical Psychology Practice. She has 4 office locations across the Gold Coast and Ipswich, QLD. Dr Merima is regularly seeing clients through Telehealth, and has her wonderful team situated in these clinics for face-to-face appointments.

Dr Merima is committed to grow strong clinical teams at all locations; and is therefore supervising the colleague Psychologists who work in her practice. Through their good and experienced clinical work as well as regular clinical supervision, they will soon be endorsed with Clinical Endorsement and therefore, become Clinical Psychologists.

I decided to become Clinical Psychologist after being directly involved in voluntary work of helping victims of horrifying war in my homeland, former Yugoslavia. I became a Board Approved Clinical Psychologist in New Zealand, after completing PhD in Psychology at Victoria University and PgDipClinPsychat Master Degree Level in Clinical Psychology with Massey University.

I work with people of all ages who experienced trauma, severe depression, anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive symptoms (OCD), as well as relationship difficulties, self-esteem issues and a variety of other distressing symptoms. At this point of time I work mainly with adults and adolescents, but also with children and elderly people.

My clinical focus is on understanding my Clients for who they are: understanding their needs, their emotional and cognitive difficulties, their medical health, their values, vulnerabilities and their whole being, in order to help them to improve self-confidence, like themselves better, communicate better with others and live better life. My Clients are supported to improve coping skills, couple and/or other interpersonal relationship, work relationship, enhance physical health, work performance, as well as facilitate personal rehabilitation, recovery and return to work following accidental injury or medical health issues.

Since my clinical work in New Zealand, I have also been involved in assessments, therapy, consultancy and advocacy for children and adolescents who had complex difficulties with emotional distress such as severe depression and anxiety that were closely related to medical health issues such as Fragile-X syndrome; Triple-x Syndrome; physical disability; ambulatory difficulties; learning difficulties; intellectual disability; immune deficiency. I also worked in supporting adults who were fighting cancer illnesses, traumatic brain injury and chronic physical disabilities.

Over more than 10 years, I have been strongly involved in rehabilitation psychology that aims helping people with ambulatory and behavioural difficulties following stroke, traumatic head injury, spinal or other bodily injuries that resulted in neurological damage and behavioural change. I have also conducted and presented research at various national and international conferences.

I am well trained to design, conduct and interpret full Neuropsychological Assessments when necessary, in order to supplement thorough clinical assessment.

I commonly use the integrative model of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Approach based strongly on the work of Professor Dr Aaron Beck, Dr Christine Padesky, Dr Judith Beck and Professor Dr David Clark. I also use Emotion Focused Therapy approach strongly based on the work of Professor Dr Leslie Greenberg and Dr Sandra Paivio. I had a great privilege to learn from them by attending their workshops on a numerous occasions. I am also trained, at the advanced levels, in using Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (Marsha Linehan approach), Solution Focused approach and various Family Therapy approaches.

I always aim to learn from you, my Client, about who you are and what is happening for you. My goal is to design or “tailor the therapy” that would meet your needs in the best way and empower you to grow stronger hrough guided discovery and experiential growth that help you to become able to cope better and (re)create better life.

Through my clinical work, I always aim and hope to connect with more people who treasure human life and are willing and able to contribute by helping those who need help.

My Colleagues and I are looking forward to the privilege of seeing you in our Practice.

Warm regards

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Dr Merima Isakovic

Director / Clinical Psychologist

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