Addiction Recovery

Breaking an addiction to a substance or a habit may be difficult, but is possible if you take it one step at a time.

The first and biggest step towards rehabilitation is to recognise your addiction. Addiction can lead to turmoil in your life, affecting your relationships and work, and it is important to realise that your addiction is the cause for these harmful changes in your life and to have the desire to change it for the better.

You are considered to be addicted to a substance and require help if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have difficulty controlling the amount or the number of times you engage in your addiction.
  • You indulge in your addiction despite experiencing its negative consequences.

Having recognised your addiction, it is necessary to seek professional help and the support of your family.

An effective treatment program identifies your substance use or habit pattern as well as the effect it has on your mind, body and social life. It usually involves a combination of medication therapy, psychotherapy along with behavioural therapy.

Certain medicines are prescribed to treat withdrawal symptoms including depression, anxiety and sleeplessness, once you quit. Drug therapy also helps your brain to gradually adapt to the absence of the addiction, helping you concentrate on psychotherapy and counselling, easing your cravings and preventing relapses.

Behavioural or psychotherapy helps you handle stress and recognize situations where you may be tempted. It helps you control your attitudes and behaviour, improving your relationships, and increasing the effectiveness of medication therapy.

Addiction recovery is a long process and is not just about giving up a habit, but about making life changes. You may have to give up certain friends and places and form new habits to provide a healthier social outlet. Restoring lost relationships and rebuilding your life is a fruitful activity that may aid the recovery process. Addiction is a serious disease that can be managed effectively with the combined collaboration between you and your caregivers.

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