Medicare Rebate

Dear Clients

If you obtain the Mental Health Plan from your GP, this will allow the Clinical Psychologists and Psychologists to rebate a portion of your costs for a session. Medicare Rebate are as following:

For seeing Clinical Psychologist is currently $124.50 per session, and for seeing Psychologist is $84:80.

The full hourly rate for seeing Clinical Psychologist, as per the APS fee advise, is $238.00 per hour, and for seeing Psychologist is.

Appointment with Hourly rate $ Immediate Medicare Rebate
If the MH Plan is provided:
Out of Pocket amount for the Client to pay, if the session was 45 – 60 min long
Clinical Psychologist 238.00 124.50 113.50
Discounted 220.00 or less 124.50 95.50
Psychologist with General Registration 180.00 84.80 95.20
Discounted 160 or less 84.80 75.20


If you experience genuine financial struggle

Please do not delay the therapy: just discuss this with your Clinical Psychologist or Psychologist and together, you will agree on the discount that suits you best. Our Team does not wish to make any additional struggle for you by exposing you to the costs that you might not be able to afford. Just come and talk with us: we are here to help you.

If the Client has reached the Safety Net with Medicare:

The rebate will be between 80 and 85% of the total cost. This means that there is NO flat rate. For example, for one-hour session with Clinical Psychologist ($238.00) the out of pocket would only be around $20. If the session is longer (example: 120 min), the cost will be higher ($470.00), but the rebate would be slightly above $400.00, therefore the out of pocket cost would only be below $70 for 120 min session.

You do not need to check anything: Our eftpos terminal will tell us what the rebate is and will process the Medicare Rebate immediately.

You just need to see why our GP prior to seeing us and the GP will lodge Mental Health Plan for you, which will activate your Medicare Rebate eligibility.

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