Client Intake Form

AAG Professionals are providing maximum confidentiality.

We discuss our professional work only with our Supervisor.

We do not disclose client’s information to anyone without Client’s consent.

Client's consent needs to be obtained in writing during the first session.

Confidentiality Limits

Only in following situations Psychologist is able to obliged to breach confidentiality:

If client is actively suicidal or doing serious self harm

If client is actively homicidal or planning to harm someone

If Psychologist believes based on reasonable evidence that client has been exposed to abuse of any kind (sexual, physical, emotional)

If the court requests client’s notes, we have to give them to the court. Saying this, it is important to understand that:


All files are electronic and kept in the electronic bank system only, thus maximum security has been assured.

The content of Psychologist’s notes, however, belongs to the client. Client therefore has the right to request that Psychologist do not write the notes, ifthe client wishes to discuss some delicate personal issues.

If Client Discloses Information Or Experience Related To Abuse

Us Clinical Psychologists and Psychologists are obliged to discuss this all with our Client at the beginning of the first session and then, we are obliged to practice within the boundaries of the Code of Ethics and Professional Practice, and thus we are obliged to the following:

  • Assure the safety of the clients and the related others.
  • Do our best to reach agreement with the client about what needs to be done.
  • In the rare cases when and if the Client refuses to agree and work in collaboration with their therapist, The Clinical Psychologist / Psychologist would be obliged to do whatever is necessary in order to assure safety of the Client and, if relevant, safety of relevant others.

We will always do our best to support our Client to drive the process and do what is the best and safest for the Client.

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